We build machines and systems that make achieving your goals easier, more enjoyable, and practical.

Solving your problems with dedication, wide-ranging experience, passion, and pragmatism!

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CERASUS builds custom machines and control systems to suit your individual needs from scratch, as well as expanding or upgrading existing machines, for example supplementing your production with robotics or optimising efficiency and energy use.

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Cooperative collaboration with both customer and partners, informed, forward-thinking decision-making and solutions tailored to your needs make CERASUS a perfect partner for you company or idea. In the vast field of possibilities, we make sure that you position your project in the right spot, so you can reap the harvest year after year.

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Who we are

The word «CERASUS» is Latin for cherry, a symbol of fertility and passion. We work together with passion in order to build and grow fertile foundations for the future, in the «Chriesidorf» («cherry village») of Steinen, in Kanton Schwyz, Switzerland.

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CERASUS aims to solve the individual challenges each project in such a way, that it fits perfectly with our customers overall concept and requirements. CERASUS solutions are efficient, effective, fast, and practical, bringing real added value for the client.


CERASUS customers feel safe in the knowledge that they can trust us to help conquer their challenges, to work proactively, to use their valuable time efficiently and to skilfully simplify complexities


The CERASUS team makes is easier, more enjoyable, and more practical for customers.