A board experience and knowledge base mean our team can go above and beyond to meet your needs comprehensively.

We are a team of dedicated, goal-oriented technical professionals who are passionate about your project.

Mechanical Engineering

CERASUS provides individual parts, complete assemblies as well as turnkey machines and systems to the highest levels of quality. Machine upgrades, additional functionality and conversions are just as much part of the CERASUS portfolio as are the construction of test facilities and the commissioning of entire systems.

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Process Development

CERASUS analyses and stabilizes your production processes, supplements your production with efficient automation, and establishes quality controls, thus enhancing production reliability and efficiency. In addition, we use targeted data recording to monitor process using the results to optimise the output of your entire production chain. If you need documented and established processes and procedures, CERASUS can also take care of that for you!

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Control Systems

CERASUS builds and programs control systems for a wide variety of applications. CERASUS also offers additions to existing controls or changes to control logic. From the idea to the conception to the commissioning and documentation with competent expertise every step of the way.

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Automation & Robotics

CERASUS provides you the best solution for using and optimising robotics in your processes and builds and supports your robot cell or collaborative workplace.


CERASUS carries out optimizations and extensions of robot-supported work in your company. Small robots for tedious small and diligent work or powerful robots for industrial or fast applications - CERASUS delivers the right solution for you!

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Retrofit & Service

Well-served, functional and economic machines deliver the perfect price-performance ratio every day.


CERASUS not only provides new machines, but looks after, expands, and maintains your existing equipment professionally and with foresight so that the company can continue to count on the services of proven technology. CERASUS offers you and your tried-und-tested machines the right, tailor-made service!

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Test Rigs & Infrastructure

We design and build a wide variety of thermodynamic and mechanical test rigs, test benches and supply infrastructure, including whole concept development, safety engineering and control systems, explosion prevention, as well as proving compliance to the required standards and guidelines with the designated regulatory bodies.

With our comprehensive knowledge and experience, CERASUS is the ideal partner for the development and construction of all manner of benches, standalone modules, and complete facilities with associated infrastructure for testing fuel cells, combustion equipment, turbochargers, pressure vessels and valves, and a broad range of other thermodynamic and mechanical systems.

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Energy Engineering

Equip a building with a new heating system or continue to use the existing process heat; Upgrade your business to be self-sufficient or optimize energy consumption in production; a comprehensive energy concept with heat flows, energy flows and hidden potentials; CERASUS has the know-how to create a holistic concept that meets your needs!

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