Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering focussed on the perfect workflow

CERASUS builds special machines and systems with a focus on perfected process flows, whatever the process. That is why CERASUS is not just a one-industry specialist and works for, among others:

  • Assembly and assembly technology
  • Testing devices (serial (100%) and interval/random testing)
  • Quality assurance (final checks, presence checks, etc.)
  • Transport and handling of products and parts
  • Packaging solutions for special products and applications
  • Manufacture/processing of products (partial or full automation)
  • food processing 


CERASUS develops the right mechanical solution for your requirements. CERASUS does not introduce complexity for the sake of ingenuity, rather we seek the simplest, the most reliable, the most economical and most suitable solution for you. The design, procurement and delivery of the mechanical systems comply with the applicable standards and are documented accordingly. Design calculations and system dimensioning are well and comprehensibly documented and checked for safety and correctness using state-of-the-art methods, to ensure safe, reliable performance.


CERASUS offers:

  • Planning, design, construction, installation, and commissioning of individual components and machines, subsystems and assemblies, as well as custom equipment, up to and including complete systems
  • Pressure vessels and process engineering systems (pipeline construction, measurement technology) and components according to the pressure equipment guidelines
  • Hydraulic, electric and pneumatic drive systems
  • Finite Element Calculations (FEM)
  • High-quality mechanical engineering according to international standards
  • Creation of drawings for assemblies and individual parts
  • Procurement and delivery of mechanical components and assemblies
  • CE certification of your system or design
  • Project management (overall and sub-projects) for mechanical engineering projects of all kinds - in the planning, during execution, on the construction site and during commissioning

As a service provider in the field of mechatronics, CERASUS understands all interfaces relating to mechanics and can provide you with them seamlessly for your own resources.