Tobias Bösch 

> Mechanical Engineer


Martin Grätzer

> Industrial Engineer & Business Administrator

Gabriel Bösch

> Mechanical Engineer


Carmen Camenzind

> Automation Engineer

Michael Kuhn

> Electrical Engineer

Danny Peter

> System engineer & Programmer

stefan Kälin

> Automation Engineer


> Mechanical Engineer

Valentina Waller

> Mechanical Engineer


> Designer

William Gilbert

> Mechanical Engineer

Adriana Merz

> Administration

Aaron Michel

> Assembly technician

Marius AllensPach

> Assembly technician

Who are we?

CERASUS is a company for self-organized makers and doers. We are an extremely committed, goal-oriented and professional team that loves the project business and focuses on the project goals. We are "enablers" = makers. We communicate internally and externally at eye level and see our customers as partners. This enables maximum creativity, empathy and innovation for our clients and this keeps us fast and independent.



CERASUS consists of "street smarts" and is therefore very cooperative and open to all forms of cooperation and technological possibilities. We strive for active networks and cooperation with the goal of a WIN-WIN situation. We do not mourn the pragmatic and uncomplicated times - we live pragmatism and clarity in our daily, digitized world


Breitenstrasse 31

CH-6422 Steinen