Energy Engineering

Implementing sustainable ideas for energy conservation, consumption and efficiency

At CERASUS always we pride ourselves on seeing clients and suppliers as partners and dealing openly and honestly with everyone involved. This enables us to work seamlessly together to optimise concepts and deliver what our customers want, for each system and project we work on.


Energy production, use and efficiency are key considerations for every business these days, not to mention the increasingly relevant to costs in the day-to-day business model. The optimal use of energy and careful use of energy are central. CERASUS supports you in this environment and provides you with the facts, decision-making bases and options to set your course for the energy future.


CERASUS offers:

  • Layout of the energy flows at the selected process or building
  • Potentials, their effect and the effort for optimization are shown
  • Compile decision-making bases for management or decision-making bodies
  • Planning and implementation of the measures from a single source with one interface
  • Commissioning and testing of the new system
  • Documentation of the systems and training of employees
  • Project management (overall and sub-projects) for energy projects of all kinds - in the planning, during execution, on the construction site and during commissioning

CERASUS creates a holistic concept for your task and you have a single contact person for the entire topic!