Control Systems

Continuous Control: regulated input, process and output for safe operation

We don’t just make things possible at CERASUS, we also make the complex things skilfully simple!


A new control for a pump station, the development of a control concept for a new or existing machine project according to the latest standards and norms, a control concept for your special system or the implementation of safety elements for a safe workplace according to the latest norms - CERASUS has a wide range of different concepts and applications experience to put your idea into practice with a control cabinet and a user interface or a comprehensive control concept.


CERASUS offers:

  • Development of complete control concepts for small machines up to large interoperating systems
  • Hardware design and schema creation for the process and control sequences
  • Construction, extensions, and commissioning of controls (individual projects and series)
  • Carrying out I/O tests, filling out test reports and troubleshooting and troubleshooting - also on third-party systems
  • Professional, flawless, and speedy wiring of your systems with the installation of ducts, routes, lines, and cables
  • Documentation according to the Machinery Directive including operator training and service offers
  • Project management (overall and sub-projects) for control projects of all kinds - in the planning, during execution, on the construction site and during commissioning

We typically work with the following suppliers:

  • Beckhoff

But we don't shy away from other suppliers either- contact us!


We do not long for the ‘good old days’ of simple processes - we live pragmatism and clarity, especially in control technology, where there is always more than one way to the goal.