Control Systems

control, regulation und evaluation for safe operation

We here at CERASUS make things possible - we have the skills to simplify the complex!


A new control for a pump station, the development of a control concept for a new or existing machine project according to the latest standards and norms, a control concept for your custom machinery or the implementation of safety elements for a safe workplace according to the latest norms - CERASUS has a wide range of different concepts and application experience to put your idea into practice, whether it’s a simple control cabinet and a user interface or a comprehensive control concept.


CERASUS offers:

  • Development of complete control concepts for small machines up to large interoperating systems
  • Hardware design and schema creation for the process and control sequences
  • Construction, extensions, and commissioning of controls (individual projects and series)
  • Carrying out I/O tests, filling out test reports and troubleshooting and troubleshooting - also on third-party systems
  • Professional, faultless, and efficient wiring of your systems with the installation of ducts, routes, lines, and cables
  • Documentation according to the Machinery Directive including operator training and service offers.
  • Project management (overall and sub-projects) for control projects of all kinds - in the planning, during execution, on the construction site and during commissioning

We have worked with the following suppliers:

  • Beckhoff (TC2 and TC3)
  • EasyE4 Eaton
  • ctrlX Bosch Rexroth
  • Mitsubishi Alpha

But we don't shy away from other suppliers either- contact us!


We do not long for the ‘good old days’ of simple processes - we live pragmatism and clarity, especially in control technology, where there is always more than one way to the goal.


Beckhoff Solution Provider 

We maintain a closer partnership with Beckhoff, and we are an official Solution Provider". Our applications and solutions often push the technical possibilities to the limit. Thanks to our close cooperation and good contact with Beckhoff, we and our customers benefit from uncomplicated and professional support during conception and commissioning. As a Solution Provider, we keep up to date with the latest through annual training courses and conferences and can guarantee the correct use of Beckhoff components for your control system.