Automation & Robotics

Faster, more reliable and needing less resources

CERASUS solutions are efficient, effective and bring you real added value.


With automation and/or the use of one or more robots, we can help you achieve higher accuracy, deliver more consistent performance, and eliminate heavy manual labour. Robotics and automation are not only suited to the latest products but can be applied effectively to modernise traditional or outdated production and assembly lines. Contact us to see what we can do for you!


CERASUS offers:

  • Analysis of your production or your idea for increasing efficiency and increasing output
  • Performance review of your production (cycle time, set-up times, downtimes (organic and technical), maintenance time, occupancy time, overall equipment effectiveness, etc.)
  • Work out proposed solutions and evaluate the improvements that can be achieved as a result
  • Create simulations (robots and cycle times)
  • Implementation and commissioning of the new applications including training and service
  • Optimizing and trimming of existing systems at our customers to increase performance
  • Project management (overall and sub-projects) for automation projects of all kinds - in the planning, during execution, during assembly and during commissioning

Process technology, mechanical engineering and control technology are combined in automation. CERASUS has exactly this experience and can for you develop, build, commission, train, supervise and document the most economically optimal solution. What’s more, you can deal with just one person as your personal liaison for all your automation needs, instead of a dozen different suppliers.